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  • My family and I went to your candlelight service this evening. It was absolutely beautiful. Thank you for having us. We look forward to making this an annual tradition. It was a wonderful way to connect to our loved one and remember her before Christmas. It was like we were given special time aside just for her. Thank you again.
  • Thank you for your generous gifts of food and your acts of appreciation for our staff.
  • Thank you for your generous gifts of food and encouragement to the staff of Good Shepherd Hospice.
    Hospice House
  • Dear Mr. Jenkins - This note is to thank you for your excellent Oct. 2, 2014, presentation and the luncheon that my companion and I, both vegetarians, enjoyed at Homer's. Although I am grateful that cremation saves the Earth's land for better uses, the parklands above green burial grounds provided, natural beauty surpassing even a well kept cemetery such as yours. My hope is that your son will be able to offer green burial in the near future if you cannot. Meanwhile, I wish you continued success in the business for which you obviously are most capable.
  • Larry - Thank you for your info and knowledge in helping us with the purchase of our plot for J. We both feel very comfortable with our decision.